WANTED: YouTube Lawsuit

YouTube, oh YouTube…

What on earth are these algorithms that keep kicking me off YouTube? I have been suspended for a whole year… There is nothing incriminating on my channel… I tried to create another channel this week and that has also been suspended…

I can see my page… but I cannot do anything with it. I either want to be reinstated or gain access to MY content!


Is there anybody out there who can help me to fight against YouTube in a possible lawsuit?

I have lost a lot of money because of their totally unfair suspension… I need HELP!


75 years ago today it was D-Day.
On this day in 1982 I was awarded First Prize for a short story in the Portsmouth local newspaper. The story was written in the first person and I was an American G.I. landing in Normandy on D-Day. Long before The Naked Blonde Writer, way back when Tracy Williams was only 11 years old.

We Will Remember Them…

Bitten by Bitcoin Scammers

Beware Taurenefx and Jubiter.com

I was bitten by a scammer claiming quick profit if I invested £250 in bitcoin through Taurenefx. They took £271 from my account and proceeded to give me nothing in return. One month later I am waiting in the hope that my bank will perform a chargeback.

Beware Bitcoin & Jubiter.com

The Castle

                                              Once upon a castle snowflakes came whirling round while the clock in its tower chimed midnight and home sweet home sang across the courtyard as a lonely man all alone beheld the scene like a kaleidoscope dream – not hearing the song – when suddenly – from a land far away – a woman appeared.

The work-in-progress shall be a novella very soon. It will also be recorded by The Naked Blonde Writer as an audio-book and posted on Subscribestar for VIP Members only. 


The Castle‘ is  part erotica, part supernatural thriller, part historical novel loosely based on fact. The book should be ready for your eyes and ears by the end of May 2019.

by Youssef Benali
Photography: Yosef Benali

Biography Service

cropped-two_corona.jpgIf you would like to have your own biography written professionally we can discuss your requirements via email.

Please contact

Depending on length and amount of research required, a reasonable price will be quoted with a deadline for completion of your biography. Memoirs, biographies and life stories can be excellent gifts for young relatives who may not learn much about their grandparents unless it is written down. A memoir written professionally can also be extremely cathartic. This is a highly recommended gift to yourself. A sample introduction to one man’s biography is given below:

David McBride’s Biography