Tales From The Hollywood Bus Stop is my first published work; sincere thanks to Ambit Magazine for accepting the story.

I’ve agreed not to add this to my website for a few months, so if you want to read the story you’ll have to buy Issue 199, which you can do via the Ambit website. To give you a taste, here’s the opening paragraph.

March 8th 2009:  I’m waiting for someone at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, poolside in the afternoon, waiting like I always did in Hollywood.  The Los Angeles sky is its usual flawless blue, as if some cosmetic sky surgeon has removed all clouds and creases of grey.  Palm Trees reach upward for rain which will not come, not for at least nine months.  Star after star after star will stay pink and dry on The Boulevard.  That’s Hollywood Boulevard to those of you who have not lived through it.  We, the survivors, haughtily refer to her as ‘The Boulevard,’ as if there were no other street in the world.

Opening paragraph of “Tales From The Hollywood Bus Stop”, a short story by Tracy Williams. First published in Issue 199 of Ambit Magazine, January 2010. The illustration is by Jack Foreman.

7 thoughts on “Tales From The Hollywood Bus Stop

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  2. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.


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  4. Hello,

    I actually have an original VHS tape of Gilson Simoes’ Hollywood Bus Stop. I had it converted to digital MP4 file. Not sure why, but I did. It sat on my shelf, or various shelves, for years, then I picked it up again after 20 years. I watched it again, after so many years. Very historic. If you want a digital copy, let me know.


    1. Hi Michael

      Thank you for getting in touch. Did you know Gilson well? I have the original documentary on a DVD. I had it converted from VHS about ten years ago, so I don’t need another but I thank you for the offer. Let me know how you knew Gilson, I am very interested. Best wishes, Tracy.


  5. Hi!
    I think the Gilson you are writing about is the Gilson I was married to for 7 years…1972-1979. I live in Sweden and would like to have contact with you, Tracy Williams .


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