The Book

Blackout started as a short film, scripted in Hollywood, based entirely around a power cut which brings two technology-possessed people together for one night – until the power comes back on. The story grew into an exploration of England vs Wales, apathy vs ambition and technology vs Mother Nature. It is an observation of the dark side of the Valleys, a harsh look at the insidious underbelly of a seemingly sing-song, small community in the ex-coal-mining valleys of South Wales.

The Long Haul

Blackout was written as a first draft novel during a year of intense isolation, while I lived in a castle in Wales. I gave it to friends and other writers to read. One night I read it out to a friend who soon after designed a (this) website to promote my work as writer, actor and nude model – thus ‘The Naked Blonde Writer’ was born. I filmed a naked reading of Chapter One and self-published the final draft this year.

The Advice

Writing for me involves wandering mountains, staring through windows and frantic rushes to stop the car and grab a pen. I suppose I am therefore always writing. The act of sitting down to write I find difficult – I meditate beforehand to ward off the self-critic. Once I’m installed in a chair, I tend to lose track of time and usually emerge enraptured. My advice: accept that the act of writing takes many different forms. The work can flourish if one keeps the pen close at hand.

How I did it by Tracy Williams, Mslexia Issue 47, p54
How I did it by Tracy Williams, Mslexia Issue 47, p54

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