Interview discussing the reasons for filming a naked reading of my first novel.


One thought on “Naked Blonde Explanation

  1. Thanks for posting this Tracy, it’s great to hear a writer talking about their work, and especially to hear a writer reading her (or his) own writing – it gives a different perspective to the story and the characters to hear them portrayed by their creator and the enriches the pleasure of being a reader. Well, it certainly enriches mine in any case!
    As an aspiring writer (well, probably more a writer aspiring to getting noticed!) I find reading my own work in public daunting. Maybe your acting experience helps in that respect, and it’s an aspect of writing that I’ll be trying to develop my skills in.
    Pushing the boundaries will always attract criticism, just as publishing your work will, but praise too I hope. I really enjoyed watching and listening to your naked reading, for the beauty of your nudity as well as the joy of your own work in your own voice. If doing the naked reading has attracted a new audience to the world of literature, so much the better. I hope some of your new readers can learn to revel in the world of the written word now that they’re here.
    I’m really looking forward to reading, hearing and watching your new work when it’s ready.


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