2008-Nice Ass (2)

Who can work for £1.00 per week?
Your Naked Blonde Writer.

Question: How is this possible?

Answer: A calculator has ascertained that if all those who follow this blog pledged One English pound per week The Naked Blonde Writer could write, recite and record for Avid Readers, Attentive Listeners and Glorious Voyeurs until her allocated Time on Earth halts or the ink runs out of the pen…

Dearest Readers, Watchers, Listeners,
You have been with her for seven years – you came for The Naked Reading, this we know. The first book was produced under tremendous financial, emotional and intellectual pressure – but written it was, then performed naked, then recorded for eleven hours by voice. All the work was offered for free, for the love of literature, culture and nudity. Courageous, vulnerable and impecunious to the core… we can do this like that no more…
The next project – The Hollywood Bus Stop – requires patronage.
Question: How many followers will pledge £1.00 per week?
Answer: 4,000 through Patreon or through Paypal. 

Become a Patron!https://c6.patreon.com/becomePatronButton.bundle.js

Cash is a concept which confuses your humble narrator (hence the calculator),
but – alas! no author can subsist alone on bread & water,
and so to patrons we suggest,
a pledge to your Naked Blonde Writer…
in anticipation of Courageously Vulnerable Naked Literature To Be Continued…



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