I need to save my partner’s heart. He has had 4 heart attacks in the past week. Without an operation he will die soon. He is British but stuck in Morocco and cannot fly home. I have come to Morocco to care for him but the hospital here will not operate without an upfront payment of £7000. We have managed to collect £4000. We are trying to raise another £3000. If you are able to donate or offer a loan PLEASE message me at

or go to the fundraiser page on facebook…

I post this plea as a very last resort and say thanks in advance if you can help…

WANTED: YouTube Lawsuit

YouTube, oh YouTube…

What on earth are these algorithms that keep kicking me off YouTube? I have been suspended for a whole year… There is nothing incriminating on my channel… I tried to create another channel this week and that has also been suspended…

I can see my page… but I cannot do anything with it. I either want to be reinstated or gain access to MY content!

Is there anybody out there who can help me to fight against YouTube in a possible lawsuit?

I have lost a lot of money because of their totally unfair suspension… I need HELP!


75 years ago today it was D-Day.
On this day in 1982 I was awarded First Prize for a short story in the Portsmouth local newspaper. The story was written in the first person and I was an American G.I. landing in Normandy on D-Day. Long before The Naked Blonde Writer, way back when Tracy Williams was only 11 years old.

We Will Remember Them…

Bitten by Bitcoin Scammers

Beware Taurenefx and

I was bitten by a scammer claiming quick profit if I invested £250 in bitcoin through Taurenefx. They took £271 from my account and proceeded to give me nothing in return. One month later I am waiting in the hope that my bank will perform a chargeback.

Beware Bitcoin &