April is the Sweetest Month

2015, March, by Youssef Benhalo at Place de France, Tangiers (3)Always Remembering
Mr Eliot, I cannot concur
with your bold assertion of cruelty.
This is the month when my twin was brought
To earth two years after me.
Without him life is a wasteland
Without him I cannot breathe
Without his birth April would be
the cruellest month indeed.

For the love of my one and only co-writer on April 12th; our birthday.

Naked Reading II: Hollywood Bus Stop

The 44 minute Naked Reading of The Dark Side of Tinsel Town is now available to view here for the purchase of a password. The video was taken down by Youtube some months ago and later pulled from Patreon due to differences of opinion regarding freedom of speech. The video costs £20 to view. If you prefer to have a USB sent to you, please email your request. Postage charges will apply…

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