BLACKOUT Chapter 1 Read by The Naked Blonde Writer

yes yes I know it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and no I’m not at work and yes I want a double vodka and coke now do I look like I’m joking just push the optic do your fucking job john john the bar john the angel john the puerile pint puller yes john i know i was paralytic friday and no i haven’t stopped yet but don’t shake your head at me lovely boy with prices like that you should clap your hands not shake your head when you see me a-coming or act like you give a fuck about my problem what problem?  problem-free that’s me you’re the one with the problem see look i’m the only paying customer here except for good old ron in the corner over there and we all know he can ponder a pint for four hours but me i’m on a mission me a magnificent mission pregnant with redemption oh you wouldn’t understand john so stop going on and on just gimme my change and go back to the crossword there’s a good boy now let me arrange my plan.

Photo by Anthony Jones, 2011


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