For Marilyn Monroe, on her birthday…

“and for every other blonde who dared to weather the tempest of Hollywood’s mercurial waves… for those, I suppose and for other reasons too, I am now writing this for you…” – THE NAKED BLONDE WRITER’S HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – The Dark Side of Tinsel Town…

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“… pulling him gently into her infinite depths, drowning his prudence in a whirlpool of desire too powerful to battle – too magical to control – with reason… she brushed her lips over his skin… as if she really were his – and only his – lover… he buried his face in her breasts and – inhaling her more deeply than he did the spring’s early morning mist – he stopped speaking a while to try and feel how it must feel to be as free as she appeared to be…” —
excerpts from erotica, composed in North Africa by THE NAKED BLONDE WRITER
An Anonymous Lover…
coming soon…1/5

The Naked Reading 1

In recognition of the courage and vulnerability required to write a book…
offered for the intimate pleasure of reading aloud…
The Naked Reading of Blackout Chapter 1 contains
full frontal nudity and strong language in a Welsh accent…
it is not recommended for sensitive types below the age of consent…
NB; if pornography is what you seek prepare thyself for deflation…

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Photo by Malena Barron

The Naked Reading 1

45 minute film of The Naked Blonde Writer performing Blackout Chapter 1


Blackout on Audio. Week 12: Pregnant Mother.

Pregnant. Mother. Mother. Pregnant. The future stood waiting. The past stamped and pissed all over it… she imagined Bronwen, down in the belly of The Angel… relentlessly destroying a nameless child for all eternity… screaming on and on until… Tessa knew… nothing was going to change anything… only one way to avoid this truth: Drugs.
—- Blackout, 94 second sample:


Blackout on Audio. Week 11: Blame and her close relation Rage.

“Remember this, I am not your puppy or your slave or your personal whore and I am not one of your machines. I am a real, live, walking, talking, eating, shitting, fucking, snorting woman. And I am more alive than you will ever be…”

— Blame and her close relation Rage in Blackout, Chapter 19.

50 second sample:


Blackout on Audio: Week 10: Tessa & Men.

Harry would never respect her if she kept talking like a whore, he said.
The advice fell on shameless ears.
There are some men with whom women find it easy to flirt, Tessa told Sam. And there are other men with whom women find it impossible not to flirt. Harry was both of these.

The surveillance footage from Tessa’s bedroom was the most boring, relentlessly eventless film Harry had ever watched. If nothing was going on in there save for staid intellectualism there was little point in spending money or time on that particular camera and tapes. Sam had no power over what she did when alone…
“Don’t you know the most erogenous zone in the female body is the brain,” Harry told his nephew. “Why don’t you go in there with her and … you know …”
Read to her.”

—- Blackout, The Dark Side of the Valleys. Chapter 17.

—- to hear a 54sec sample:

‘… the Brecon Beacons …’

‘Gazing into the darkness she knew that out there were the Brecon Beacons, robed in the black starry night, waiting for her to say one word. … the reservoir shimmered and flowed as a few cows lowed from somewhere on an invisible slope of grass. When she turned around and looked back … Tessa was already home.’

—Blackout on Audio. Week 7. Chapters 12 – 13. For subscribers.