Moroccan Mountain Exile

01.08.2011 - THE SILENT SHOOT - THE WORK, writing room table, looking up




The Naked Blonde Writer today made an executive decision to retreat to the mountains of North Africa in order to give undivided attention to her works-in-progress; one being The Hollywood Bus Stop. The decision has been made due to the fact that TNBW cannot manage the daily requirements of social media while simultaneously producing good copy.
These North African mountains have no internet access; a geographical location chosen by design. She leaves tomorrow.
NB: no concern necessary: TNBW is in very safe hands.
Thus, no further posts are likely to be made until August. Sincere apologies forwarded to all those expecting a short story in the Death Series for Patreon. Your Humble Narrator is not physically or mentally robust enough to keep running around North Africa to find internet access when in such a remote location. Sometimes writers just have to disappear…
We trust this will be understood by all Avid Readers, Attentive Listeners and Glorious Voyeurs (you know who you are). 


May’s Death Coming Soon. . .

Advance apologies for the tardiness in uploading the text and audio-recording of May 1st short story (the death series) to Patreon. Complications beyond my control have made it thus. I aim to upload the text and audio recording by May 8th. This part of the series is about a Victorian Castle and is, as yet, untitled.

2008 - Castle Wall (2)2008 - Castle Attic (3)