April is the Sweetest Month

2015, March, by Youssef Benhalo at Place de France, Tangiers (3)Always Remembering
Mr Eliot, I cannot concur
with your bold assertion of cruelty.
This is the month when my twin was brought
To earth two years after me.
Without him life is a wasteland
Without him I cannot breathe
Without his birth April would be
the cruellest month indeed.

For the love of my one and only co-writer on April 12th; our birthday.

Naked Reading II: Hollywood Bus Stop

The 44 minute Naked Reading of The Dark Side of Tinsel Town is now available to view here for the purchase of a password. The video was taken down by Youtube some months ago and later pulled from Patreon due to differences of opinion regarding freedom of speech. The video costs £20 to view. If you prefer to have a USB sent to you, please email your request. Postage charges will apply…

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William S. Burroughs

Today;  one of my favorite days in literary history: the day that
Uncle Bill Burroughs came to planet earth; February 5th, 1914.
“We can console ourselves with the Buddhist admonition
that nothing is more stultifying than safety…”
“Salutations to all my relations, that is all who can relate to me
and those to whom I relate.”
And of course;
“LOVE? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is. Love.”
Dear Uncle Bill…
I related from the very first sentence right to the last.

—- William S. Burroughs, February 5th 1914 – August 2nd 1997