Naked Video/Audio of PROLOGUE to THE NAKED BLONDE WRITER’S HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – The Dark Side of Tinsel Town…

Serialization starts today in honour of Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday…

I’m sitting beside the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. And I’m waiting. Waiting – like I always did – in Hollywood.

— HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – The Dark Side of Tinsel Town, Prologue.

“For Marilyn, for Jayne, for Jean, for Greta and every other blonde who dared to weather the tempest of Hollywood’s mercurial waves. For those, I suppose and for other reasons too, I am now writing this – for you…”

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Prologue TDSOTT Stills Video

Naked Stills Video of HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – PROLOGUE. Part 1 of a serialization for page, headphones and video.




THE NAKED BLONDE WRITER’S NAKED READING of The Prologue to HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – The Dark Side of Tinsel Town. This is the first video in a serialization of this full length memoir. 22 minutes and 2 seconds in length…


“I am a whore…”

“There’s something you need to know about me… I am a whore!”

To enforce this declaration he spread his arms open wide and, in so doing, obscured Jesus Christ.

“I am a whore I admit it! I don’t do anything for free! Pay me fifty bucks and I’ll see what I can do for ya!”

— Excerpts from TNBW’s HOLLYWOOD BUS STOP – The Dark Side of Tinsel Town

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