A Million Differences

A Million Differences


He is A Million Differences
A Contradicting, Slow Confusion
He throws me Love, too High
I jump to catch it and feel Illusion Burn

When I land he is hiding behind a grey smoke screen
Dreams Living only for Fantasy
He hands some to me, staring through the mist
He walks in a black garden of white flowers
And Dark Grass

Calls to me to show him The Colours.
I cannot see if he wants to see The Colours, really…

When His Blood Rises High
He is careful to touch me.
He senses my movement in The Garden, n
Blows me a cold Kiss.
I feel Ice on my Lips.

Feel the Pain Hiss wanting more of This Angel, now an Old Man, now A Boy…
I am mesmerised and hypnotised, falling down in The Garden
His Smoke Dancing over Me.

He will lay down, The Grass will turn Green.
Still blowing Cold Kisses Colours Coming
To his Closed-Eyes Dream.
When he stands The Colours drain away.
Hot Blood Rushes Through My Veins…

I am terrified to let go Of Him.
Lest I should stand alone in the Mist just as well. Without Him.

His Eyes see Some Thing.
Clear Cut, Sharp Tears tell me so.
He makes His Decision and Turns Away…
Play The Game, Play The Game…

“Walk out of The Garden,” I say.
And His Blood starts dripping. Insane.

I Am A Million Differences.
A Contradicting, Slow Confusion.
You feel the pain through My Tongue.
You Lash Back and feel Illusion Burn.
But then I feel Soft so I curl up.
Like a Baby and I Cry.
“Hold Me in My Confusion.”
Now I give You Love.
I give All My Love To You.
Now You Give Me Yours.
“Walk out of The Garden,” say You.
Look At Me. I Am You.
Is it Me who’s The Bitch. Witch. Slut?
Angel from Heaven?
I Am A Million Differences. A Contradicting, Slow Confusion.
You feel the pain through my cold tongue, you lash back but then
I feel soft so I curl up like a baby and cry.

Tell Me Every Thing Is One Thing And I Will Laugh At You…
I Am and So Are You.

Music by Michael D. Amitin, written in Paris during the 2020 Pandemic,
“Midnight in the Garden of the Senses.”

Mountain Girl

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Mountain Girl

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“For Marilyn, for Jayne, for Jean, for Greta and every other blonde who dared to weather the tempest of Hollywood’s mercurial waves. For those, I suppose and for other reasons too, I am now writing this – for you…”

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Wales Versus England
Apathy Versus Ambition
Technology Versus Mother Nature
Tonight’s the Night…
Ready for a Fight?

Beneath the blackout of oblivion caused by alcohol, drugs and abuse of power which has all but destroyed a seemingly irrelevant community, lays chronically unexpressed human love.

Two generations after the coal mines closed down, a metaphorical blackout has seized control of a tiny community in the South Wales Valleys. Life is truly toxic for Tessa, a factory worker who makes clocks by day and drinks herself into oblivion by night. Trapped not only in her own situation, but also by her abusive mother, Tessa has one ambition left: to become the human resources manager at the Tick-Tock factory. Meanwhile, the London-based owner of the factory sends his son to do the job but Sam wants to be a famous musician instead.

In a fit of despair, Tessa screams the Welsh National Anthem on top of the Brecon Beacons. There she meets Sam who recruits her as his ‘backing singer,’ convincing Tessa that, in the year 2000, there is only one ambition worth pursuing: Fame.

When a blackout plunges the valley into darkness, Tessa and Sam exchange genders by candlelight and finally know human love for one night alone.

Blackout is a village borne from a legacy of denial and abuse… abuse as the only option for survival. In these small and seemingly tranquil valleys all truths are blacked out. Tessa believes she is the last in a long line of one hundred per cent Welsh women and the first ever to leave Wales… Is it possible to take the girl out of the valley? Sam intends to try. Through their quest for world domination via the medium of popular music, Tessa and Sam discover terrifying and tantalizing truths…

Written in partial streams-of-consciousness, the reader is intermittently dragged inside Tessa’s tortured mind for an unflinching literary representation of addiction on the dark side of the valleys…


2009 Cover photo by Anthony Jones
Mslexia 2010

D-Day Story, age 11

On this day in 1982 I was awarded First Prize for a short story in the Portsmouth local newspaper. The story was written in the first person and I was an American G.I. landing in Normandy on D-Day. Long before The Naked Blonde Writer, way back when Tracy Williams was only 11 years old…

The Castle

‘Once upon a castle snowflakes came whirling round while the clock in its tower chimed midnight and home sweet home sang across the courtyard as a lonely man all alone beheld the scene like a kaleidoscope dream – not hearing the song – when suddenly – from a land far away – a woman appeared.’

The work-in-progress shall be a novella very soon. It will also be recorded by The Naked Blonde Writer as an audio-book and posted on Subscribestar adult for VIP members only. 


‘The Castle’ is part erotica, part supernatural thriller, part historical novel loosely based on fact.
The book should be ready for your eyes and ears by the end of May 2019.

Photography: Yosef Benali