2011 Writing I.D.D.
2011 Work Overload with Smith Corona
2011 Birthday
2010 Face in the Sky… TNBW hi-hi-hi, writing I.D.D. Reading A Clockwork Orange
2011 5 hour Silent Shoot while writing writing I.D.D.
2011 5 hour Silent Shoot during early composition of I.D.D.
The Writing Room for I.D.D. … Voices on the Wall…
The Brains Behind I.D.D.
With W.H. Auden; Show An Affirming Flame… I.D.D. In Progress
2010: Insomnia… Doctors or Dealers? “What’s it gonna be then, eh?” – Reading A Clockwork Orange…
Insomnia… Doctors, Dealers… The Way Out is Through…
Summer of Insomnia
2011: 5 Hour Silent Shoot… “Exterminate All Rational Thought” – William S. Burroughs
2011: 5 Hour Silent Shoot, Contemplating Allen Ginsberg
2011: 5 hour silent shoot with JJ, Sam and Uncle Bill…
2011: 5 Hour Silent Shoot with Naked Lunch lines in the Kitchen…

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