Tessa’s Pregnant Mother in Blackout: Week 12.

Wk 12. Pregnant Mother.
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Pregnant. Mother. Mother. Pregnant… The future stood waiting. The past stamped and pissed all over it… she imagined Bronwen… down in the belly of The Angel… relentlessly destroying a nameless child for all eternity… until Tessa knew… nothing was going to change anything…’   —- Blackout on Audio. Week 12: Subscribe


Tessa Talks Nationalism.

Wk.9.Ch.15. Sndcld Pic.
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“I was, once, infected with patriotism.
Overflowing with passion for the mothercountry.

I was raised on patriotism, me.
Yes, yes, me – I’m talking about me.

I was never let alone to contemplate my own identity,
Cos I was Welsh and must never forget.”

Tessa Talks Nationalism in Blackout – The Dark Side of the Valleys. Audio Serialisation, Week 9, Chapter 15. Subscribe: Blackout on Audio

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Blackout on Audio. Week 8. ‘Ex-collier in the corner…’

Blackout Audio. Week 8. Ch.14
Blackout Audio. Week 8. Chapter 14.

Except for the John the Landlord and Old Man Ron the ex-collier in the corner, when Bronwen walked in the Angel was dead.
“Oy! Watch your language lovely boy!” Ron says.
But… the young lot today, they’re just a bunch of fuckin’ –
sorry, Ron – soddin’ Druggies…
The old miner staunchly unsupports any attack against the young people of today. He can be found up the Angel in Chapter 14,
Week 8, of
Blackout The Dark Side of the Valleys.

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Blackout on Audio. Week 7. ‘The Brecon Beacons…’

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‘Gazing into the darkness she knew that out there were the Brecon Beacons, robed in the black starry night, waiting for her to say one word… The reservoir shimmered and flowed as a few cows lowed from somewhere on an invisible slope of grass. When she turned around and looked back at Sam, Tessa was already home…’

Blackout on Audio. Week 7. Chapters 12-13. Subscription-serialization