What about kissing?

Mumbles Pier (2)
91 Seconds: Kissing…

…kiss your lipstick off… Blackout, Week 15.

2009 - Hands on Head by Malena Barron
101 Second Sample

They kissed. They kissed for a long time. They kissed as if they had been waiting to kiss their whole entire lives…
She saw his closed eyes. She saw the dream inside his head.
“Sam…” she said nervously, “if I kiss your lipstick off, will you take me to bed?”
Blackout. Excerpt from chapter 37.


Ready for a Fight: Blackout, Week 14.

7 (2)
90 Second Sample

  ‘Haunting sounds from invisible night creatures called across the black mountains as Tessa climbed ghostlike, directionless.
turn away, Tessa, turn, turn away. Down there he’s texting, surfing, watching without listening. The machines are on – he is not. Turn away Tessa. The machines are on – but not for long.
Thunder. A flash. A momentary clash. And Tessa thought tonight is the night. Technology versus Mother Nature – Ready for a fight.’

Blackout on Audio. Week 14. Chapters 31-34. Subscribe

Lucky Bitch in Blackout: Week 13

A man in a Valentino suit – easy to spot up the Angel. Who did he think he was, dressed up like that? Looking a right twat!
“I tell you what,” Bronwen said, “gimme a lift home and you and me can talk in my house.”
The factory girls watched in disbelief… John poured another brandy… Bronwen, the biggest slag in the valley, was walking out of the Angel with the best looking stranger they had seen for  years.
Lucky Bitch.

Week 13. Lucky Bitch
73 second sample

          Lucky bitch…
         in Blackout: Week 13. Chapters 28-30.