The Naked Blonde Writer‘s Patreon account has been deleted as of February 1st, 2019. Various reasons for leaving Patreon include the difficulties of posting content which imply nudity (Patreon protested against posts which spoke of ‘The Naked Reading’ rather than actual nudity, Patreon disabled the account because of a photograph which implied a naked female body, even though that body was obscured by a book), the fact that Patreon was an experiment which did not work well because TNBW does not produce regular work quickly enough to justify the maintenance required to be a Patreon creator and – most importantly –

Patreon’s recent removal of
Sargon of Akkad’s account…

While TNBW may not agree with everything S.o.A says, the manner in which Sargon’s account was disabled smacks of Orwellian Thought Police… the slow, gradual murder of Free Speech is underway and while it does not yet affect TNBW too much, she cannot  continue to be a part of an organisation which has used Big Brother-1984 type tactics to silence someone so wonderfully articulate in the art of Free Speech… Free Speech is one of the most important elements under threat today… And so the Patreon account must go… Meanwhile, YouTube continues to remain impenetrable: TNBW’s account was at first ‘suspended’ and at least 7 videos removed… 3 Videos remain but TNBW cannot sign in or do anything with her own videos… YouTube have recently claimed that the account is ‘lost’ …

All TNBW’s stories/audio and video formerly uploaded to Patreon will shortly become available directly through this website.


For March 2018.

Beware This, Lovely Town

I would rather be anywhere than this godforsaken town. I am walking toward Costa for a badly needed fix. It is too early to be alive. Just before I reach the doorway a voice shouts out.
‘Look at that! Look! Nurses walking past! What the hell is wrong with this world!’
He screamed other expletives too, which I shall not print here. Sometimes it is better not to narrate the explicit truth. The accent in this town is often hard, his was harder. He is a Pit Bull terrier with a skinhead on a lead. The one on the lead is shrieking, or so it seems to me. Morning people rush by, they are off to work, the lucky ones who still have work to do. I wish I were big enough to kick his head in. He is terrorizing all of us but I am simultaneously intrigued to know at what he points. If it’s dangerous the dog could probably be unleashed… So let curiosity kill my inner cat… after all, I’m not really living anymore… I have become one with the walking dead of this terrifying town.

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