8 thoughts on “Flash Click, Clash Flick

  1. Sam Elsenburg – Whatever is a wonderful song and really compliments your website Ms Williams. I hope you do not mind, but i have posted a link to this page to a friend of mine: Good Weather Girl, who loves songs and websites like this.


  2. I like the song Whatever. The first hearing was a little interesting as I hadn’t managed to pause ITunes so it was phasing in and out with ‘A Sa Merci’ by Francois Hardy – interesting.


  3. Who are this blonde queen that has all these golden row crops crowned on hear head and from where she bring all these snails that laid aside on the beach sand ocean of her deep gorgeous eyes.


  4. fab hair .even better eyes-great read,love the accent…but you look absolutely GORGOUS.”i’d chase you up a mountain anyday of the week


  5. Would be happy to just say I know this lady. Just good friends no more than that. I share her interest in the beauty of nature. I demand nothing, I take nothing but hope to give something.


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